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My Why!


After just one use of the sleep salve, I slept like a log and my kids did not wake up all night.  I cannot wait to purchase more products.  

Didn’t think I could love anything as much as I love “breathe” then I got “sleep” then I got “magnesium lotion” BUT REVERSE TIME IS THE HOLY it.  Keep up the greatness!  You will always have my business!

These products are amazing!  I used the magnesium lotion one time and woke up thinking about it!  It’s incredible!  Highly recommend!!

I just wanted you to know, my Aunt and my Mother will NOT go a day without using the breathe salve.  It has helped them so much

I never knew how deficient my body was in magnesium, the magnesium lotion saved my sleep, my skin, my happiness and well my life...oh and my kids beg me for it.

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Snap Shots

Our new Lip Restore

Tallow is skin food....DoubleMint, Citrus and Myrrh

Magnesium Lotion is a top seller for a reason.

Magnesium is needed in the body at a cellular level.  Cells crave magnesium, feed your cells.  

Our Breathe Steamers are known to open airways!

known to soothe cough. open airways. tame allergies and a lung detoxer....