My Why!

A few years back, our family experienced an onset of allergies. We took on a healing lifestyle change head on and cut out as many toxins as possible. In the process we have successfully healed our allergies, auto-immune diseases and along the way, we developed these salves and products that literally were/are life saving.  

Medicine cabinets should contain non-toxic products. I SIMPLY want families to replace their toxic over-the-counter products with these proven-remedies and highly effective skincare.

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Find Balance- We live a balanced life

The Time is Now!

The little steps in the right direction will change your life!

Can it get any better?

what we are made of.....

Absolutely no fragrances, only real ingredients!


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Minerals Healing Passionate
Adriene is one passionate lady when it comes to health. Minerals and a lifestyle saved her Families Life. She strives daily to provide not only the cleanest skincare and everyday remedy products for your family, but her PASSION runs deep for Families wanting to make the lifestyle change.

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