The Time is Now!

The Time is Now!

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4 pages of great info. Months ago, I dove into the metabolic side of things. I know individuals heal with so many different techniques these days, but often don't fully feel 100%. I know this, because it was me. I personally healed my thyroid, healed my gut, thought I healed my liver, but after the birth of my last child I had acne appear like crazy, I was stuck in fight/flight and I knew there was a deeper issue. I had cut foods out, such as natural SUGARS, ancient grains, raw dairy and more....I felt 80-90%, but now that I am not food fearing and restricting, I can say I feel 99% which sounds so unbelievable, but its true.

Note: when healing, the initial months can stir some detox symptoms.
Hormones such as estrogen will pull from the tissues, be sure to eat that carrot and boost progesterone. cContinue to nourish and you will see improvement all around.

All of this information is what I have gathered from metabolic coaches worldwide. I believe in it 100%

Within our wellness group, we have seen amazing results!!!