The Cleaner Package

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Made of plant oils, no toxic, extremely cleansing and it smell amazing.  

Soft:  64 oz amber glass jar (it comes with oils, all you will need to do is add plain white vinegar)  we even included an additional 2 oz refill of "soft blend" of oils +1/4 cup to each load for smell and anti-everything properties

Simply Clean: 32 oz amber glass canteen +2 tbsp to each laundry load for a boost---- or use on carpet, kitchen,  bathroom and more!

Wool Dryer Balls: 4 organic wool dryer balls- add a few drop of oils to the ball and throw in the dryer with clothes to cut back on dry time and add goodness to each load.  Your clothes will come out smelling heavenly! 

Stainless Steel Scrubbers:  these scrubbers paired with simply clean will get any job done. 

The Cleaner:  16 oz spray bottle, labeled with instructions, comes with oils for refills =add vinegar and bataboooooom!