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The Cleaner

The Cleaner is our 16 oz empty amber glass bottle.  With each purchase, you will receive 2- 2ml amber glass bottles filled with our Citrus blend.  Citrus is a combination of organic lemon and orange essential oils.  The label on our bottle has a recipe that calls for water, distilled vinegar and drops of our ES Citrus blend. 

Our bottle  protects the properties of the oils, which allows it to be extremely disinfecting, deodorizing and addicting!  

The Cleaner Pack includes: 

  • the pre-labeled 16 oz bottle(recipe on bottle calls for citrus/water/vinegar)
  • 2- 2ml amber glass bottles filled with citrus (each ml = 20 drops [80 drops total])

Citrus Refill includes:

  • 3- 2ml citrus organic essential oil blend


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