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Simply Clean Canteen
Simply Clean Canteen

Simply Clean Canteen

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  • 32 oz Glass Amber Canteen(as pictured) 
  • 64 oz [32 oz glass amber canteen] sent with 32 oz bag for refill

Our Simply Clean Powder can be used to sprinkle, scrub or deodorize objects in your entire house TOXIN FREE.  Let Simply Clean replace all the toxic cleaners for your kitchen, bathroom and carpet.  I personally love tossing in a tbsp of this magic powder to the washer machine or giving some stains a good ole' rubbing! 

Don't forget the 12 oz glass shaker jar!!!

-I store one at my kitchen sink and each bathroom sink for a convent sprinkle into the sink/toilet bowl/tub

instructions:  simply dampen surface and sprinkle powder over area you want clean.  Let is sit for 15-30 min.  For an extra cleansing boost, spray with distilled vinegar and wipe clean.  

Label for specific instructions:  kitchen, bathroom, & carpet 

-Store the plastic container in a cool dry place(under the kitchen sink is my favorite place) 

ingredients:  baking soda, borax, water, cleaner, essential oil> lemon, clove, cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus radiata, & orange