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On-the-Go All Purpose

On-the-Go All Purpose

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SIMPLY ADD THIS TO YOUR ORDER...This super cute 5ml amber glass jar is filled with our All Purpose Salve. Take this On-the-Go Salve in the car, purse, diaper bag, desk, husbands pocket, literally ANYWHERE or EVERYWHERE!!! This salve is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal> treat chapped lips, rashes, skin irritations, skin infections, inflammation, yeast diaper rash, candida on the nails/skin, moisturize your face/skin, or use as a carrier oil for your favorite essential oil. A little goes a long long ways, a pea-sized drop is all that’s needed. Ingredients- organic: beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, vit. E oil(paired with Jojaba and Rosehip Oil Blend)

*this is the same ingredients as the all purpose salve but different amounts of certain ingredients to keep it firm while on the go!

100% natural & organic ingredients

We carefully source our ingredients. The product texture and color may vary from batch to batch, this is the beauty of natural products. Not all ingredients we purchase are 100% identical.

Please note: HOT temps can cause products to slightly change. If this occurs, place the product in the sun, stir and place in the fridge to allow the product to "set".

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