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ORGANIC Calendula Hydrosol


  • Rose, Frank Toner and Nourish are the three toners we offer.  All have a number of benefits.  I prefer rotating between the three.
  1. My personal fave morning routine, toner(one from above, hydrating mist, ozonated serum, hyaluronic acid(our plump and pure)
  2. Evening:  toner, hydrating mist, blue tallow, hyaluronic acid- plump and pure!
  • Calendula is known for it’s extremely healing and nourishing properties.  Anti-everything properties.  Spray in a cut, speed up healing, itchy rash, even a babies bottom.  

  • Organic calendula hydrosol is a soothing, mildly sweet and floral mist that will please your senses. This hydrosol is a perfect skin toner and may be used alone or incorporated with our simple 1,2,3 white label.  

  • Calendula was valued by ancient Egyptians for its rejuvenating properties, and herbalists across the globe sing it’s praises due to its immense benefits in skin care. This sunny herb is said to encourage cheerfulness and spread joy!

  • This calendula hydrosol is artfully crafted in the Pacific Northwest via water-steam distillation of Calendula officinalis flowers.