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Mineral Toothpaste

Mineral Toothpaste

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This Mineral Toothpaste is safe for the whole family. The combination of ingredients work amazingly well together to make this toothpaste beneficial for not only our teeth, mouth and gums, but also our guts.  Our teeth need more than calcium to be strong, they are made up of many many minerals. Costumers have mentioned their teeth sensitivity is gone, reduced the plaque/biofilm buildup and most importantly its helped to support healthy teeth and gums.

 *NO FLOURIDE, NO BLEACH OR PEROXIDE *SAFE FOR ALL AGES: PREGNANT AND NURSING MOMMA’S Ingredients: bentonite clay, peppermint essential oil, coconut oil, trace minerals, xylitol 

2 oz. a wooden spoon is provided for application

i need to upload a 4 oz picture 

100% natural & organic ingredients

We carefully source our ingredients. The product texture and color may vary from batch to batch, this is the beauty of natural products. Not all ingredients we purchase are 100% identical.

Please note: HOT temps can cause products to slightly change. If this occurs, place the product in the sun, stir and place in the fridge to allow the product to "set".

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