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Breathe Steamers

Cold and Flu Season.  This is a must for a gift to yourself, your neighbor or your best friend. Literally....if you can’t breathe through your nose- you get me- these steamers are an absolute lifesaver. Drop 1-2 bricks in the bottom of your tub, let the fuzz begin and the menthol/peppermint/eucalyptus radiata aroma begin. The oils used naturally open the air ways.  You will be amazed at how well they work.  The are very stout, so be-careful and choose only one to begin with.  

ideally, you want it in the shower but not in the direct stream of the shower. 🚿  the powerful aroma will quickly fill your shower with powerful mixture of oils that are proven to be highly affective at encouraging breathing!

Allergies? Sickness?  A morning pick me up?! BREATHE AGAIN!!!!

12 bricks........

age: suitable for 2 years and up....

ingredients:  baking soda, citric acid, organic> eucalyptus leaves, menthol crystals, apricot kernel oil, witch hazel, essential oil> eucalyptus radiata and peppermint & a eucalyptus sprig for decor

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