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Blue Tallow

WARNING:  we do not add a fragrance or scented/essential oil to this product.  It has the scent of tallow.  Our Ozonated Serum/Reverse Time/Frank are our products that has the smell good of frank/myrhh/geranium/etc.

-the blue tallow is extremely healing and beneficial, we chose to leave as is for a simple/basic/saturated product. 

Free radicals/oxidative stress cause our cells to age,  Wrinkles appear and we age rapidly.  This is due to our diet and stress we deal with on the daily.  Tallow and the few ingredients I paired together create a highly moisturizing anti-aging, anti-oxidant face/neck cream.  Methylene blue is a key ingredient that repairs the cells(similar to our ozonated products)

*the results will occur due to the healing at the cellular level.  Collagen is double produced, wrinkles and skin aging has found its match.

Blue Tallow is best used with the 03 skincare line.  


morning: rose, ozonated mist, ozonated serum

night: rose, ozonated mist, blue tallow

ingredients: grass-fed tallow, organic> castor oil, 
jojoba & Methylene Blue USP

apply: aging areas of the face &
neck region
2 oz 

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