Blue Body Oil

Blue Body Oil

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Take a shower and spray yourself down with our highly saturated, moisturizing, cell repairing body oil.  

Methylene blue is a key ingredient, known as a copper polisher that allows repair at the cellular level.  Often times, woman become very estrogenic due to our environment and other factors.  Estrogen and iron pair in our tissues and cause aging/cellulite/wrinkles, methylene blue allows for our cells to breathe again.  MB repairs with oxygen similar to the ozonated products, this creates fast results that you are looking for. 

ingredients: organic> castor oil, squalane, coconut mct,
frank resin, myrhh resin, jojoba, calendula, shea oil &
Methylene Blue USP

Ideal, dry brushing, showering(using clean shampoo/conditioner and body wash, rinse and dry, follow with our Blue)!

apply: after showering,
spray on wet skin and gently
rub it in.
8 OZ