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Spoiled at Heart 2021

Spoiled at Heart 2021

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The Perfect Valentines Package 15% off! [bag Included]

  • Basic Scrub 
  • Mint Body/hand wash
  • Lilys Chocolate Bar
  • Tint of Pink

The 4 oz basic scrub is a blend of olive oil and cane sugar, the perfect face or leg exfoliator or beard scrub for the man in your life.  I developed a scrub with the benefits of olive oil and it’s extremely high content of antioxidants for the skin and fragrance free for sensitive individuals. [dangerously moisturizing]

The mint body hand wash is 8.5 ounces of the perfect wake me up cooling sensation in the shower or the perfect hand wash by the kitchen for bathroom sink.  The ingredients are nourishing to the skin and it’s a product you’re going to love. [a foam dispense to keep the soap last awhile]

The hand sewn pouch made by Handmade Market to Market is the perfect bag for a few of your Essentially Salv-ee products.  It can be used for makeup while traveling, the Tres Package for your car or really anything.  [its high quality and adorable!]

Lillys chocolate bar is our preferred chocolate that we consume as a family. No added sugar and it is sweetened with Stevia, derive from a plant.  In my opinion, it’s the most keto form of chocolate you can get.

Tint of pink is a limited edition chapstick with the top- lip/skin nourishing oil’s and has a base of beet powder for that “tint of pink”!  We used orange essential oil and xylitol.  This is the perfect addicting lip balm for the special Valentines Day!