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Hubba Hubba

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This package is specifically designed for the man in your life.  This package includes a Magnesium Spray of tea tree that can be used as a deodorant or pain relief for joints.  A serum that is rich in minerals and a skin superfood.  The serum is extremely high in vitamin C and can be used for beard oil as well.  The Basic scrub is a simple mixture of cane sugar in olive oil.  Although that sounds very simple the combination of both provide a very exfoliating affect as well as extremely skin nourishing and moisturizing benefits from the oils.  Lastly we have included the On-the-Go All Purpose, This is our 1 ounce all purpose salve that is great for chapped lips, rough skin dry hands all skin issues.

Hubba Hubba Box includes:

  • basic scrub (beard/facial scrub)
  • magnesium spray with tea tree
  • on-the-go all purpose
  • the serum without manuka (for the face/beard oil)

Men are naturally gruff, but they also need skin care.  Keep it natural and organic! Maggie Up!