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Citrus is our unique blend of two powerful oils used for so many things, ranging from health to cleaning.


  • It takes a few drops of this blend to add to your favorite skincare for anti-microbial benefits, acne treatment.  *take note:  these oils are photoSENSITIVE:  DO NOT PLACE ON FACE BEFORE A DAY FULL OF SUN ☀️

  • add a few drops to your laundry soap for a cleansing power boost, or to your wool dryer balls for clean scented laundry 🧺 

  • this blend is powerful at removing stain and cleansing.  [don’t forget the cleaner bottle for you non-toxic way to clean the entire house or if you have your own glass bottle, add a few drops]


  • diffuse these oils in the car or house for mood enhancing benefits +stress anxiety reliever


  • Apply oil to skin(pair with a carrier such as all purpose or coconut oil) to help reduce stress and anxiety


  • add some drops to your bathroom sink to help freshen the air

{laundry, kitchen, car, skin, scrubs, air, diffuse}